O. Ashmolean Museum 0183
Other nos.: O. Gardiner 0183
Description: Pottery, 12 x 12 cms. Two sides; obverse: seven lines; reverse six lines. Damaged; the bottom of obverse has broken away, causing loss of writing; the signs in rev. 4-5 are rubbed off at the endings of the lines, line 6 being but a trace. Black ink.
Classification: account - note : labour - payment
Keywords: coffin - inactivity - oil - paint - painting - payment - tomb (private) - silver - wood - woodwork - work - dni
Provenance: Bought in Luxor 20-02-1934.
Publication: Unpublished; Černý Notebook 45.85 and 107.16 (description, transcription).
Dates mentioned: -
Dates attributed: -
Contents: Obverse: account of the work done on a coffin by workman PA-Ra-Htp , with cost; mention of work in a tomb (?). Reverse: note about alleviating the work for an anonymous person and dispute (?) about payment due.
Terminology: ir n (obv. 4, above 5, ~6#, rev. 3); mn n=f (rev. 2); r rdi.t rx=tw wp.w.t nb i.ir NN n NN (obv. 1-2); r rdi.t rx=tw nA bAk.w ... (obv. 6-[7])
Names/Titles: Imn-m-di=i-ra-nb (obv. 2); PA-Ra-Htp (rmT-is.t ; obv. 1-2); see Remarks
Remarks: Name, Titles: possibly the same PA-Ra-Htp mentioned in relation with the painting of coffins in O. Nims.

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