O. Ashmolean Museum 0205
Other nos.: O. Gardiner 0205
Description: Limestone, 14.5 x 19.5 cms. One side with two lines of black ink in upper part of ostracon. Damaged at the left edge.
Classification: note
Keywords: message (?) - servant; see Remarks
Provenance: No indication
Publication: Unpublished; Černý Notebook 31.14 (description, transcription).
Dates mentioned: rnp.t-sp 7 III pr.t sw 11
Dates attributed: -
Contents: Note about the sending by someone of someone or something (in lacuna) because of a day of service in connection with 'their brothers'.
Terminology: hAb (1)
Names/Titles: Ms (~1# (?))
Remarks: Collated by Demaree-Donker van Heel on 17 November 1999. Keywords: 'servant' in hrw n bAk .

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