O. Ashmolean Museum 0225
Other nos.: O. Gardiner 0225
Description: Limestone, 8 x 20 cm. Two sides; obverse: six lines; reverse: five lines. Damaged; line 1 of obverse consists of only traces. Of the right of obverse only the section containing lines 3-4 is not damaged; the left of obverse is degraded, writing having gone lost which Černý had seen when he transcribed the ostracon. Palimpsest; with a similar text underneath. Black ink, but dates are in red ink, as is a dot on reverse. Top obverse = top reverse. Correction by the scribe in reverse line 2; see Remarks.
Classification: account - journal : delivery - duty
Keywords: firewood
Provenance: No indication
Publication: Unpublished; Černý Notebook 31.27 (description, transcription).
Dates mentioned: II Ax.t sw 5-6 (obv. 2-3); II Ax.t sw 11-12 (obv. 4-~5#); II Ax.t sw 11 + x (~above obv. 5#); [...] Ax.t sw 2 (rev. 3)
Dates attributed: -
Contents: Wood-account in the form of a journal, mentioning guard duty (wrS ) and deliveries of wood, which have been noted down specifically also for the writer of the ostracon ('I have been given X items of wood).
Terminology: wrS (obv. 6?); wrS NN (rev. 4); m Dr.t NN (obv. ~3#, rev. 2, 3); hrw pn (rev. 2, 3); Ssp m Dr.t NN (obv. 6)
Names/Titles: Imn-Htp (Sad-xt ; obv. 5, rev. 3); PA-xy-Imn (rmT-is.t ; obv. ~2#); MnTw-Htp (obv. 3); Nfr-Htp sA Nfr-Htp (rev. 4); Nfr-Htp sA 2a [...] (rmT-is.t ; obv. ~4#); Incomplete: [...] (rmT-is.t ; obv. 3, 5); [...] (Sad-xt ; obv. 3, 6); [...]Htp (obv. [3]-4)
Remarks: Collated by Demaree-Donker van Heel on November 24, 1999. Description: Černý Notebook 31.27 suggests four lines for the reverse, but this could pertain to an older text.

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