O. BM EA 41228
Other nos.: -
Description: Pottery sherd, brownish red, 9.2 x 9.5 cm; see Remarks. Inscribed on one side probably in black ink, 1 line, and drawing above the text line in black ink with written measurements. Damaged: left top corner of draving chipped off, end of line 1 lost.
Classification: -
Keywords: temple(?)
Provenance: Found in 1904 atop debris covering the E leventh D ynasty temple at Deir el Bahari, during the Egypt Exploration Society excavation season 1903-1904 or season 1904-1905. Donated by the Egypt Exploration Fund to the British Museum in 1904.
Publication: Glanville, JEA 16 (1930), 237-239 pl. XLII (photograph, transcription, translation, commentary); Demaree, Ramesside Ostraca , 27-28, pl. 92 (photograph, description, transcription); Simon-Boidot, in: Hommages Goyon , 361-373 (facsimile, commentary); Peck, Egyptian Drawings , London 1978, 194-195 (photograph); Van Siclen III, GM 90 (1986), 71-77 (transcription, translation of the measurements, commentary)
Dates mentioned: -
Dates attributed: End dyn. 18, or the beginning of dyn. 19 (Glanville, Van Siclen III); dyn. 19 (Demaree).
Contents: A drawing and measurements of an architectural structure, and a short description written in the hieratic script. S ee Remarks.
Terminology: -
Names/Titles: -
Remarks: Description: measurements are given as 9.9 x 9.7 by Demaree, Ramesside Ostraca , 27. Content(s): identification of the building as the Kiosk of Thutmos e III at Deir el-Bahri suggested by Van Siclen III, GM 90 (1986), 75-76. Cf. now Simon-Boidot, in: Hommages Goyon , 361-373 .

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