O. BM EA 43482 + O. Toronto ROM 906.8.1166
Other nos.: O. Toronto B 11
Description: Brown pottery (vase fragment) with yellowish slip, 15 x 23 cm. Inscribed on one side (convex) in black ink with 2 columns; col. I 2 partly effaced lines of a literary(?) text and col. II 10 lines. Damaged; broken off on all sides: beginnings of col. I lines 1 and 2 missing; only a trace of col. II 1. See Remarks
Classification: journal : delivery
Keywords: fish
Provenance: British Museum fragment acquired in 1907 from William Talbot Ready. Toronto fragment acquired by J.G. Milne in Thebes in 1906.
Publication: Gardiner, in Theban Ostraca , 12 (description, partial transcription of Toronto fragment); British Museum fragment unpublished (see Remarks)
Dates mentioned: III Ax.t sw 20 [+ x] (col. II ~3#); IV Ax.t sw 1 (col. II 5); IV Ax.t sw 8 (col. II 6); IV Ax.t sw 21 (col. II 8)
Dates attributed: Dyn. 20 (Gardiner), reign of Ramesses III - reign of Ramesses IV (see Remarks)
Contents: In column II a journal text recording deliveries of fish.
Terminology: m Dr.t NN (col. II, ~2#; ~5#; ~9#); hAw in NN (col. II, 10)
Names/Titles: Imn-ms ( sS ; col. II 10); Wsr-HA.t-nxt (col. II 7; 9); 4tX sA 2a-Hr-mtr (written 4ty ; col. II ~4#); 4tX-ms (written 4wtx-ms ; col. II 2, 5).
Remarks: Description, Publication: details Toronto fragment according to a photograph provided by the Royal Ontario Museum, May 2008. British Museum fragment checked in 2007 (Demarée). Date attributed: on account of the personal names (Demarée). Same subject and same handwriting: O. Brussels E 3214.

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