O. BMFA 11.1498 reverse V
Other nos.: O. Boston MFA 11.1498
Description: Limestone, 17 x 13 cm. Inscribed on two sides in black ink, obverse two vertical columns with hieroglyphs (text I), three lines of hieroglyphs to the left of, and parallel to these columns (text II), four horizontal lines of hieroglyphs to the right of , and parallel to the same columns (text III). On reverse four columns of hierogyphs (text IV) and 12 lines of hieratic text (text V) written up-side-down in relation to these columns. Damaged: top and bottom of obverse chipped off, reverse text V partly effaced.
Classification: account
Keywords: -
Provenance: Purchased in Luxor and subsequently lent to the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston by J. Lindon Smith in 1909. The ostracon was presented as a gift to the museum in 1911 by M.S. Ames; see Remarks.
Publication: Cern JEA 44 (1958), 23-25, pl. X (photographs, description, transcription, translation, commentary); Berg, JARCE 30 (1993), 57-69 (photographs, translation of texts I-IV, commentary); Kitchen, Ramesside Inscriptions IV, 35 8 -360 (transcription)
Dates mentioned: IV Smw sw 14 (rev. V 1)
Dates attributed: Dyn. 19, Siptah-Tausert (Cern Kitchen)
Contents: An account with dates associated with the mDAy .
Terminology: mH-hrw Y n nA mDAy.w (rev. V 2)
Names/Titles: an. ( nA mDAy.w ; rev. V 2)
Remarks: Provenance: according to Berg, JARCE 30 (1994), 57.

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