O. Berlin P 11235
Other nos.: -
Description: Yellowish brown pottery (vase fragment), 15 x 10 cm. Inscribed on one side (convex) with 5 + 2 lines in black ink. Damaged; broken off at upper left edge, end of line 1 lost, line 3 effaced. After line 5 two lines of writing effaced by the scribe.
Classification: account - inventory : deficit
Keywords: grain - oil
Provenance: Acquired by L. Borchardt
Publication: Deir el Medine online, URL: http://dem-online.gwi.uni-muenchen.de (photograph, description, transcription, transliteration, translation and commentary)
Dates mentioned: -
Dates attributed: Dyn. 19(?) (Deir el-Medine online)
Contents: Account of oil and grain. Below: titulary of Ramesses II.
Terminology: ir n (2, 5); wDA.t (1); mn (5); mn.t it (4); gmy.t m sfT (1); gmy.t m Sbn.w (4); TAy (5)
Names/Titles: Wsr-mAa.t-Ra 4tp.n-Ra anx wDA snb ( nswt-bity, nb-tA.wy ; king; 5-6)
Remarks: -

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