O. Berlin P 12286
Other nos.: -
Description: Limestone, 16 x 12 cm. Inscribed on two sides in black ink; obverse 9 lines, reverse 1 or 2 lines. Top obverse = bottom reverse(?). Damaged; broken off on all sides, of obverse line 1 only traces remain, beginnings and ends of all lines on obverse lost; on reverse only traces remain.
Classification: note : event
Keywords: offering
Provenance: Acquired at Thebes. Gift by W. Wreszinski, 01-1910.
Publication: Deir el Medine online, URL: http://dem-online.gwi.uni-muenchen.de (photographs, description of obverse only: transcription, transliteration, translation and commentary)
Dates mentioned: -
Dates attributed: Mid dyn. 20 (Deir el-Medine online)
Contents: Note concerning a visit by a group of dignitaries, i.a. the vizier Nfr-rnp.t, two butlers and the high priest of Amun Ra-ms-sw-nxt , in order to bring an offering to the kings (of Upper en Lower Egypt?). See Remarks
Terminology: -
Names/Titles: an. ( nA nswt [...]; king; obv. 6); an. ( nA Hwty.w ; obv. ~6#-[7]?); PA-Ra-nxt ( wbA-nswt ; obv. 4-~5#); Nfr-rnp.t ( im.y-r Niw.t TAty ; obv. ~2#); Nfr-swn.w ( wbA-nswt ; obv. 3); Ra-ms-sw ( nswt ; king; obv. 7-[8], 8); Ra-ms-sw-nxt (Hm-nTr tp.y n Imn ; obv. 4-~5#)
Remarks: Contents: similar events described in O. BM EA 50744 and O. Cairo CG 25290, cf. K. Donker van Heel in Village Voices , 19-20.

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