O. Berlin P 12629
Other nos.: O. Berlin P 15629 (see Remarks)
Description: Lightbrown pottery (vase fragment), 15 x 10 cm. Inscribed on one side with 11 lines in black and (only in lines 3 and 6) red ink. Damaged; broken off on all sides; beginnings of all eleven lines and ends of all lines except line 10 missing. Palimpsest possible.
Classification: account - journal : delivery - duty - event - name
Keywords: beer - dates - fish - gang - message - side (of gang) - Valley of Kings - vegetables
Provenance: Deir el-Medina; excavations G. Möller 1911
Publication: Černý Notebook 32.69-70. Deir el Medine online, URL: http://dem-online.gwi.uni-muenchen.de (photograph, description, transcription, transliteration, translation and commentary); Helck, Die datierten und datierbaren Ostraka , 278 and 279 (translation).
Dates mentioned: IV Ax.t sw 8-9 (5, 6); IV Ax.t sw 12-13 (8, 9); IV Ax.t sw 15 (~11#?)
Dates attributed: Dyn. 20, year 26 Ramesses III (Černý, Deir el Medine online, Helck)
Contents: Journal entries of the first half of IV Ax.t recording guard duties; deliveries of beer, fish and vegetables; taking the gang to the Valley of Kings and a message by the vizier. See Remarks
Terminology: iTA tA is.t r 4x.t-aA.t (~2#); wnmy (3, 4); m Dr.t NN (3); NN m wrS (2, 7; see Remarks); hAb (7); smHy (3, 4, 9)
Names/Titles: an. ( TAty ; 7); Any-nxt (11); Ii-r-niw.t=f (8); Imn-m-Ip.t (~4#); Wsr-HA.t-nxt (~2#); Pn-6A-wr.t (8); MnnA (~6#; see Remarks); Ms (5); Nxw-m-Mw.t (~7#; see Remarks); Nxt-Mnw (~2#); RSw-ptr=f (~3#; see Remarks); 1r (9)
Remarks: Numbers : the number P 15629 wrongly listed as such by Černý Notebook 32.69-70. Description: for the scribe who wrote this text, see Donker van Heel, Haring, Writing in a Workmen's Village , 74 n. 135. Names, Titles: of the name of RSw-ptr=f in line 3 only traces of the final elements remain, of the name of MnnA in line 6 only traces of the first element remain, and of the name of Nxw-m-Mw.t only the final elements are still discernable. Contents: the events mentioned are probably related to those recorded in O. DeM 0148. Terminology: wrS written only abbreviated is not known from elsewhere).

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