O. Cairo CG 25216 reverse
Other nos.: O. Cairo JE 27419
Description: Limestone 22 x 106 cm, two joining fragments. Inscribed on two sides probably in black ink, obverse a literary text of 9 lines, reverse 2 lines. Damaged: reverse 1 partly effaced.
Classification: letter
Keywords: -
Provenance: Deir el-Medina, Tomb TT 1 (4n-nDm ), excavation in 1896.
Publication: Kitchen, Ramesside Inscriptions III, 844 (transcription of reverse); Andreu, BIFAO 85 (1985), 19-20, 21 (translation, commentary of reverse); Daressy, Ostraca Caire , 46-47, pl. XLI (photograph of obverse, description, transcription); Bruyere, Rapport sur les fouilles de Deir El Medineh 1929 , 51 (transcription of reverse 1).
Dates mentioned: -
Dates attributed: Dyn. 19, Ramesses II (Andreu, Kitchen).
Contents: Reverse: a letter by 9Hwty-Hr-mk.t=f to 1Dr.t .
Terminology: NN Hr nD xr.t n NN m anx wDA snb m Hs.w.t (rev. ~1#); Hna Dd sp-sn (rev. 1; see Remarks); ky Dd (rev. 2)
Names/Titles: an. (nTr nb nty m swA.w n Niw.t ; deity; rev. 1); Imn (deity; rev. 1); Imn-Ra-nswt-nTr.w (deity; rev. 1); Mw.t (f.; deity; rev. 1); 1Dr.t (nb.t-pr ; f.; rev. ~1#; see Remarks); 2nsw (deity; rev. 1); 9Hwty-Hr-mk.t=f (wab oni.w 9Hwty ; rev. 1; written wab ony.t 9Hwty )
Remarks: Terminology: Hna Dd (rev. 1) is read by Černý, Notebook 101.0. Names, Titles: nb.t pr 1Dr.t (rev. 1) is a transcription by Černý, Notebook 101.0(sic). The transcription nb.t WAH [...] (rev. 1) is given by Daressy, Ostraca Caire , 47, and Kitchen, Ramesside Inscriptions III, 844.

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