O. Cairo CG 25252
Other nos.: O. Cairo SR 12066
Description: Limestone, 13 x 24 cm. Inscribed on two sides probably in black ink, obverse not available at present, reverse 6 lines. Damaged: beginnings of reverse 1-3 lost, begining of reverse 4 effaced, middle of reverse 4-5 effaced, end of reverse 6 lost.
Classification: letter
Keywords: ?
Provenance: Valley of Kings, Tomb KV 6 (Ramesses IX).
Publication: Daressy, Ostraca Caire , 66, pl. LIII (photograph, description); see Remarks.
Dates mentioned: -
Dates attributed: -
Contents: A letter to the mayor PA-sr (see Remarks). The senders complain about their weakness and call for his care and protection.
Terminology: r Dd (rev. ~4#)
Names/Titles: PA-sr (HA.t.y-a ; obverse?; see Remarks)
Remarks: Publication: a transcription of reverse by Černý, Notebook 101. envelope. Content(s)/Names/Titles: cf. Daressy, Ostraca Caire , 66; Černý, Notebook 101. envelope.

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