O. Cairo CG 25272
Other nos.: O. Cairo SR 12134
Description: Limestone, 11 x 58 cm; see Remarks, two joining fragments. Inscribed on one side probably in black ink, 4 lines, a depiction of a human head drawn in red ink over the writing of the ends of lines 2-4. Complete(?): ends of all lines illegible.
Classification: journal : event
Keywords: arrival
Provenance: Valley of Kings.
Publication: Daressy, Ostraca Caire , 70, pl. LVI (photograph, description); see Remarks.
Dates mentioned: rnp.t-sp 4 II Smw sw 12 (1); sw 13 (4)
Dates attributed: (see Remarks)
Contents: A note on the arrival of the vizier in order to take the three captains (the reason and location being lost).
Terminology: ii in NN (~2#)
Names/Titles: an. (pA 3 Hwty.w ; 3); Nfr-rnp.t (im.y-r Niw.t TAty ; 2)
Remarks: Description: in view of the photograph of the ostracon, the measurements given, i.e. the relationship between hight and width, appear to be incorrectly noted. Publication: a revised transcription by Černý, Notebook 101.33. Date(s) attributed: The mention of the vizier Nfr-rnp.t (2) suggests a 20th dynasty date, from the reign of Ramesses IV onwards. Cf. Černý, Community of Workmen , 235 n. 2; Janssen, Village Varia , 165; Peden, GM 181 (2001), 88 n. 29.

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