O. Cairo CG 25308
Other nos.: O. Cairo SR 12132
Description: Limestone, 9 x 35 cm. Inscribed on one side probably in black ink, 4 lines. Damaged: middle of lines 1, 4 effaced, beginning of line 3 lost, ends of lines 1-4 effaced.
Classification: note : event
Keywords: commissioning - document - feast - message
Provenance: Valley of Kings.
Publication: Kitchen, Ramesside Inscriptions VII, 313 (transcription); Daressy, Ostraca Caire , 79-80, pl. LVIII (photographs, description, transcription).
Dates mentioned: sw 22 (4)
Dates attributed: - (see Remarks)
Contents: A commission, and a feast of the deified Imn-Htp , and the arrival of vizier 6A 's letter.
Terminology: Sa.t (4)
Names/Titles: Imn-Htp anx wDA snb (deity; 3); Nb-mAa.t-Ra anx wDA snb (king; 1); 6A (TAty ; ~4#)
Remarks: Date(s) attributed: dyn. 20, reign of Ramesses III, in view of the vizier 6A (Demaree).

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