O. Cairo CG 25552
Other nos.: O. Cairo JE 96032; O. Cairo SR 01162; O. Cairo Carnarvon 157 + O. Cairo Carnarvon 167
Description: Limestone, 12 x 16 cms. Complete (two pieces). One side with four lines in black ink.
Classification: note : event
Keywords: arrival - reward - statue - temple
Provenance: Valley of Kings; Carnarvon/Carter excavations 1917-1918; mark: 157 and 167 (valley between KV 7 Ramesses II and KV 9 Ramesses VI); see Reeves, Valley of the Kings , 325.
Publication: Černý, Ostraca Caire , 20 (description), 42* (transcription), pl. XXV (photograph); Kitchen, Ramesside Inscriptions IV, 154 (transcription); Helck, Die datierten und datierbaren Ostraka , 51 (translation in outline of content other source)
Dates mentioned: rnp.t-sp 3 I pr.t sw 17 (1)
Dates attributed: D yn. 19 (Černý) ; year 3 Merenptah (Kitchen) ; year 3 Ramesses II (Helck)
Contents: Note about the arrival of 'the sweetener of the heart', rewards from the king for the fashioning of statues in the temple of Hathor.
Terminology: hrw n ii (~1#)
Names/Titles: 1w.t-Hr Hnw.t Imn.t.t (f.; deity: 4)
Remarks: This text was written by Qenhirkhopshef; see Donker van Heel, Haring, Writing in a Workmen's Village , 41-48.

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