O. Cairo CG 25570
Other nos.: O. Cairo JE 96087; O. Cairo SR 01229
Description: Limestone, 11 x 19 cms. Damaged. One side (?) with 4 lines in black ink. Below that 4 lines of dots in the same ink as l. 4, which differs from the ink in l. 1-3. Near the lower edge there is a trace of red ink, the same on the reverse.
Classification: account : expense - working
Keywords: lamp
Provenance: Valley of Kings; Davis/Ayrton excavations 1905-1906; mark: Z (east of KV 13); see Reeves, Valley of the Kings , 297.
Publication: Černý, Ostraca Caire , 26 (description), 47* (transcription), pl. XXXIV (facsimile)
Dates mentioned: -
Dates attributed: D yn. 20 (Černý)
Contents: Issue and use of lamps / wicks.
Terminology: hAw bAk m hrw pn (~2#); Incomplete: [...] xbs Sdy (1)
Names/Titles: -
Remarks: -

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