O. Cairo CG 25664
Other nos.: O. Cairo JE 96040; O. Cairo SR 01171
Description: Limestone, 6.5 x 8 cms. Complete. One side, with 4 lines in black ink.
Classification: letter
Keywords: boat
Provenance: Deir el-Medina; excavation of temple by Baraize in 1912; mark: 14/22
Publication: Černý, Ostraca Caire , 53 (description), 74* (transcription), pl. LXXI (facsimile); Wente, Letters , 94, no. 121 (translation)
Dates mentioned: -
Dates attributed: D yn. 18 (Černý)
Contents: Short note from a Imn-m-HA.t to 4n.w that the boat of Nb-ir.y is to be unloaded.
Terminology: NN n NN (1-2)
Names/Titles: Imn-m-HA.t (1); Nb-ir.y (4); 4n.w (2)
Remarks: -

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