O. Cairo CG 25672
Other nos.: O. Cairo JE 95624; O. Cairo SR 00498
Description: Limestone, 8 x 11 cm. Inscribed on one side, black ink, 4 lines. Complete.
Classification: letter
Keywords: seal - term
Provenance: Valley of Kings; Davis/Carter excavations 1902; mark: 18 (circled); see Reeves, Valley of the Kings , 293.
Publication: Černý, Ostraca Caire , 56, 75*, pl. LXXIII (description, transcription, facsimile; correction on p. 132)
Dates mentioned: -
Dates attributed: Dyn. 20 (Černý)
Contents: The sender asks whether some seals are intact, and requires that they be brought together with (or: entrusted to?) their keepers (ir.y.w ) not later than the next morning.
Terminology: -
Names/Titles: an. (ir.y.w ; 3)
Remarks: -

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