O. Cairo CG 25756
Other nos.: O. Cairo JE 96198; O. Cairo SR 01359
Description: Limestone, 8.5 x 13.5 cm, in 3 fragments. Black ink, one side, 6 lines, quite pale at some places. Damaged; ends of all lines lost, unknown number of lines lost at bottom.
Classification: letter
Keywords: lamp - textile
Provenance: Valley of Kings, KV 47 (Siptah); Davis/Ayrton excavations 1905-1906; marks: Davis 1905-6 N. Tb. 15; Davis 1905-6 N. Tb. 31; N. Tb. 8; see Reeves, Valley of the Kings , 298.
Publication: Černý, Ostraca Caire , 78, 92*, pl. XCIV (description, transcription, facsimile); Kitchen, Ramesside Inscriptions III, 573 (transcription)
Dates mentioned: -
Dates attributed: second half Dyn. 19 (Černý); Ramesses II (Kitchen)
Contents: Letter from the two chief workmen and the scribe of the Necropolis to a functionary of the Ramesseum(?), mentioning work and lamps, and with a request to send clothes (i.e. probably rags, for lamps).
Terminology: m anx wDA snb (6); NN Hr swDA ib [...] (~1#); r nty (3) Incomplete: [...] Hr swDA ib n pAy=n nb ([2]-~3#)
Names/Titles: an. (pA aA n is.t 2; 1); an. (pA sS n pA 2r ; 1); Incomplete: [...] nswt Wsr-mAa.t-Ra 4tp.n-Ra anx wDA snb m pr Imn Hr Imn.t.t m WAs.t ; [1]-~2#)
Remarks: -

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