O. Cairo CG 25764
Other nos.: O. Cairo JE 49865; O. Cairo SR 01366
Description: Soft limestone, 9.5 x 29 cm. Black ink, obverse drawing (man adoring serpent) and 7 columns of hieroglyphic text (here numbered 1-7), reverse 4 lines in hieratic, top obverse = top reverse. Complete (though small lacunae towards the ends of rev. 1 and 2).
Classification: (see Remarks)
Keywords: -
Provenance: Valley of Kings, 'Amenhotep II valley', KV 49; Davis/Ayrton excavations 1905-1906; mark: S Tb. 12. Davis. 1905-6; see Reeves, Valley of the Kings , 298.
Publication: Černý, Ostraca Caire , 81, 94*, pl. XCVIII (description, transcription, photographs); Daressy, ASAE 22 (1922), 75 and 76 (transcription, commentary)
Dates mentioned: -
Dates attributed: end Dyn. 20 or beginning Dyn. 21 (Černý)
Contents: Obverse: drawing of man adoring the goddess Mr=s-gr and hieroglyphic inscription mentioning the chief workman 1Ay and his son, the workman Imn-nxt . Reverse: formula "to the ka of" followed by numerous titles and designations, apparently all belonging to the "servant in the Place of Truth" KA-nxt . Titles include "construction supervisor (Hr.y-kA.t ) in the Horizon of Eternity", "construction supervisor of the monuments [...] of His Majesty", and "accounts scribe of cattle (sS Hsb iH.w ) of the tribute (? xrp.y ) of Syria and Kush that is levied for the Great and Noble Necropolis of Millions of Years of Pharaoh to the West of Thebes".
Terminology: -
Names/Titles: Imn-nxt (sDm-aS m 4.t MAa.t ; sA of 1Ay ; obv. cols. 4-7); Mr=s-gr (deity; f.; obv. col. 1); 1Ay (Hr.y-is.t m 4.t MAa.t ; obv. cols. 2-4); KA-nxt (sDm m 4.t MAa.t ; rev. 4)
Remarks: Classification: not an administrative document, but (a draft of) a votive inscription; cf. O. Cairo CG 25766 (same provenance).

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