O. Cairo JE 49557
Other nos.: O. Cairo SR 01929
Description: Limestone, 10 x 23 cm. Damaged. One side with 2 lines in black ink. Surface partly worn, of line 2 only faint traces remain. See Remarks.
Classification: journal - note : event
Keywords: -
Provenance: Valley of Kings. See Remarks.
Publication: Unpublished; see Remarks
Dates mentioned: rnp.t-sp 6 I Ax.t 16 (1)
Dates attributed: -
Contents: Dated note about the visit of an unnamed royal butler.
Terminology: hrw n pn ii in NN (1)
Names/Titles: an. (wbA-nswt ; 1)
Remarks: Description, Provenance: according to Černý Nb 101.21 and additional dat a collected during a survey visit in February 2003 by R.J. Demaree and J. Toivari. Publication: see Černý Nb. 101.21 (description, transcription) .

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