O. Cairo JE 51936
Other nos.: O. Cairo SR 51936
Description: Limestone, 18.75 x 25 cm. One side, red ink, drawing of the plan of a room with four pillars, with two hieratic captions: one line along the left wall; traces beneath the bottom wall.
Classification: account
Keywords: tomb (royal)
Provenance: Found in the Valley of Kings in 1905 (see Remarks).
Publication: Reeves, CdE 61 (1986), 44, 46-49 (photograph, description, transcription, translation, commentary); S. Clarke, R. Engelbach, Ancient Egyptian Masonry. The Building Craft , Oxford, 1930, 51 and 52, fig. 51 (photograph, description, translation, discussion); Engelbach, ASAE 27 (1927), 73-75 (description, translation, discussion)
Dates mentioned: -
Dates attributed: Dyn. 19, Seti II(?) (Reeves)
Contents: Plan of a four-pillared hall in a royal tomb, possibly hall F of KV 15 (Seti II); see Remarks. Captions: "width: 15 cubits" and "8".
Terminology: -
Names/Titles: -
Remarks: Provenance, Content: possibly from site of KV 47 (Siptah); drawing may refer to hall F in KV 15 (Seti II); both according to Reeves, CdE 61 (1986), 49. Together with this ostracon, Reeves published another with an architectural sketch but without text (O. Cairo [SR 12388]; Reeves, CdE 61 (1986), 43-45, fig. 1; also in Clarke, Engelbach, Ancient Egyptian Masonry , 52, fig. 52).

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