O. Cairo JE 59465
Other nos.: O. Cairo SR 01854
Description: Limestone, 6 x 11 cms. Damaged, at the beginning of line 1. One side, with two lines in black ink.
Classification: oracle
Keywords: divine manifestation - oracle
Provenance: Valley of Kings; mark: N 6; see Remarks
Publication: Černý, BIFAO 35 (1935), 48 no. 11 (description, transcription, translation and commentary), pl. III, no. 11 (facsimile).
Dates mentioned: -
Dates attributed: Černý: end dyn. 20 - beginning dyn. 21
Contents: Question as to whether the god Horus has appeared ( xpr ) in someone ('him'). Invocation to the oracle to send the truth.
Terminology: in (written m ~ 1#)
Names/Titles: 1r (deity; 1)
Remarks: Provenance: mark N 6: number of Davis 1905-1906?

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