O. Cairo JE 72475 (old text)
Other nos.: O. Cairo SR 01490
Description: Limestone, 14 x 14 cm, 11 joining fragments. Inscribed on two sides in red ink, obverse 11 lines, reverse 8 lines. Top obverse = bottom reverse. Palimpsest: old text on obverse in black ink, 6 lines. Damaged: ends of obverse 3-11 lost, middle of obverse 3-7 lost, ends of reverse 1-7 lost, middle of reverse 4-7 lost, only a few signs remain of reverse 8; see Remarks.
Classification: journal : absence
Keywords: illness - inactivity - woodwork
Provenance: Valley of Kings. Davis excavation; see Remarks.
Publication: Collier, Dating Late XIXth Dynasty Ostraca , 46-47, 157 (description, commentary); s ee Remarks
Dates mentioned: rnp.t-sp 1 I Smw sw 12 (old text obv.1)
Dates attributed: End dyn. 19 (see Remarks) ; year 1 Siptah (Collier)
Contents: A journal - note of individual workmen being absent from work due to illness and attending superiors.
Terminology: mr (old text obv. 3, 5); nty wsf m a NN (old text obv. ~1#, ~4#)
Names/Titles: an. (TAty ; old text obv. 2); Ipwy (old text obv. 2); Imn-m-Ip.t (old text obv. 3); Imn-m-In.t (old text obv. ~6#); PA-nb (aA n is.t ; old text obv. 1); Nx (old text obv. ~4#); 1Ay (aA n is.t ; old text obv. ~4#); 2nsw (old text obv. 2); 4A-WAD.t (old text obv. 5)
Remarks: Description/Publication: description and transcription by Černý, Notebook 106.99. Photographs kindly provided by the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. Provenance: according to Journal d'Entree. Date(s) attributed: in view of the proper names (J.T.-V.)

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