O. Cairo prov. no. 173
Other nos.: O. Cairo Mond 173
Description: Limestone, 9 x 9.5 cm. Inscribed on two sides in black ink, obverse 5 lines, reverse 2 lines. Damaged: minor losses at beginnings of obverse 3-5, middle of obverse 3, 5 effaced; see Remarks.
Classification: letter
Keywords: fat(?) - fruit(?); see Remarks
Provenance: Qurna
Publication: Kitchen, Ramesside Inscriptions VII, 338 (transcription).
Dates mentioned: -
Dates attributed: Dyn. 20, Ramesses IV (Kitchen).
Contents: A short letter from the scribe Imn-ms to scribe Pn-6A-wr.t with i.a. a request to deliver some commodity.
Terminology: NN Dd n NN (obv. 1)
Names/Titles: Imn-ms (sS ; 1); Pn-6A-wr.t (sS ; 2)
Remarks: Description: Černý, Notebook 2.9. Keywords: the word in rev. 2 might be read aD (fat) of perhaps aDn (fruit).

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