O. DeM 00007
Other nos.: O. Turin suppl. 9766, O. Turin N. 57469, O. Turin inv. no. 13296
Description: Pottery, 9 x 8.5 cms. Damaged at the lower edge. One side, with 7 lines in black ink of which l. 7 has lost the beginning. According to Lopez (p. 15) this is a reddish-brown ostracon with lines written perpendicular to the vase axis.
Classification: account : delivery
Keywords: pottery - firewood
Provenance: Deir el-Medina, excav. Schiaparelli 1909
Publication: Černý, Ostraca Deir El Medineh [I], 2 (description), pl. II-II A (photograph, transcription); Kitchen, Ramesside Inscriptions I, 364-365 (transcription), Kitchen, Ramesside Inscriptions translations I, 301 (translation), Kitchen, Ramesside Inscriptions notes I, 257ff. (commentary); Lopez, Ostraca ieratici 4, 15 and pl. 159-159 A ( description, facsimile, transcription)
Dates mentioned: rnp.t-sp 3 IV Ax.t sw 10 (1-2)
Dates attributed: D yn. 19 (Černý) ; year 3 Seti I (Kitchen) ; dyn. 19-20 (Lopez)
Contents: Delivery of pottery and firewood.
Terminology: -
Names/Titles: -
Remarks: According to Černý this ostracon is O. Turin inv. no . 9766, and not suppl. 9766 . See O. DeM 00 001 Remarks

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