O. DeM 00826
Other nos.: O. IFAO 01741
Description: Limestone, 6.5 x 7 cm. Inscribed on one side in black ink, 5 lines. Damaged: small chip lost at the beginning of line 3, beginning of line 5 lost.
Classification: (?)
Keywords: agriculture - drinking - temple (? see Remarks)
Provenance: Deir el-Medina, Kom du Grand Puits, 12-03-1950.
Publication: Grandet, Ostraca Deir el-Medineh VIII, 11, 75, 211 (photograph, transcription, transliteration, translation, commentary).
Dates mentioned: -
Dates attributed: -
Contents: An invocation to a god (?).
Terminology: -
Names/Titles: an. (nTr aA ; deity; 5?)
Remarks: Keywords: a reference appears to made to a temple at the beginning of line 5.

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