O. DeM 00887 obverse
Other nos.: O. Gardiner AG 081; O. IFAO 01851; O. IFAO inv. no. SA 04919
Description: Pottery sherd, orange with yellow slip, 6 x 9 cm. Inscribed on two sides in black ink, obverse 4 lines, reverse 2 lines. Top obverse = top reverse. Damaged: beginnings of obverse 3-4 lost, ends of obverse 2-4 lost, beginnings of reverse 1-2 lost.
Classification: protocol
Keywords: arrival - onb.t
Provenance: Donated to the IFAO by A. H. Gardiner.
Publication: Grandet, Ostraca Deir el-Medineh IX, 3, 61, 295-296 (photographs, facsimile, transcription, description, transliteration, translation, commentary); Allam, Hieratische Ostraka und Papyri , 192 no. 192, pl. 52 (description, transcription, translation); Kitchen, Ramesside Inscriptions V, 515-516 (transcription).
Dates mentioned: rnp.t-sp 27 II Ax.t sw 10 (obv. 1)
Dates attributed: Dyn. 20, year 27 Ramesses III (Allam, Grandet, Kitchen).
Contents: A protocol concerning an obscure case dealt with by the onb.t . See Remarks.
Terminology: Incomplete: hrw pn onb.t sDm.y.w i [...] NN (obv. ~2#)
Names/Titles: Nfr-Htp (rmT-is.t ; obv. ~3#)
Remarks: Contents: on r everse an invocation to a deity.

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