O. DeM 00914
Other nos.: O. IFAO 01917; O. IFAO inv. no. SA 08564
Description: Limestone, 7.5 x 6 cm. Inscribed on two sides in black ink, obverse 6 lines, oberse 3 and obverse 4 separated by a hori z ontal line drawn in red ink, reverse 2 lines. Top obverse = right side reverse. Damaged: ends of obverse 4-5 lost, only a trace remains of obverse 6, beginnings and ends of reverse 1-2 lost.
Classification: list - note(?) : absence(?) - name - oath(?)
Keywords: oath
Provenance: Deir el-Medina, Kom du Grand Puits, 26-12-1950; marks: KGP 26 12 50.
Publication: Grandet, Ostraca Deir el-Medineh IX, 4, 91, 345 (photographs, facsimile, transcription, description, transliteration, translation, commentary)
Dates mentioned: -
Dates attributed: End dyn. 19, Siptah (Grandet )
Contents: Obverse: a list of workmen with each personal name preceded by a dot possibly indicating presence at work. Reverse: a note(?) on some matter which includ ing "words", or an argument, and subsequently the taking of an oath.
Terminology: anx n nb anx wDA snb rn Pr-aA anx wDA snb (rev. ~2#)
Names/Titles: an. (Pr-aA anx wDA snb ; king; rev. ~2#); Ii-r-niw.t=f (obv. ~4#); Wn-nfr (obv. 3); Rm (obv. 1); 2a-m-Ip.t (obv. ~5#); Ony (obv. 2);
Remarks: -

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