O. DeM 10080
Other nos.: O. IFAO 10049; O. IFAO inv. no. SA 13127; O. Černý 12
Description: Limestone, 12 x 16 cm. Inscribed on one side with 6 lines in black ink. Damaged; broken off at left edge and bottom; beginning of line 6 and ends of lines 1-5 missing, writing effaced in places.
Classification: memorandum
Keywords: cattle - stall
Provenance: Bought at Luxor 15-01-1933
Publication: Grandet, Ostraca Deir el-Médinéh X, 81-82, 269 (photograph, facsimile, transcription, description, transliteration, translation, commentary)
Dates mentioned: -
Dates attributed: Dyn. 19, Seti II (Grandet)
Contents: Unclear memorandum concerning (old) right of access. Mention is made of OnnA sA Bw-on.tw=f , raising cattle, Ra-Htp and a stall.
Terminology: r rdi.t rx=tw pA mtim isy (~1#)
Names/Titles: Ra-Htp (4); OnnA sA Bw-on.tw=f ( rmT-is.t ; ~2#). Incomplete: [...] ( rmT-is.t ; 5)
Remarks: -

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