O. DeM 10091
Other nos.: O. IFAO 01972; O. IFAO inv. no. SA 12575; O. CD 6; O. Desroches Noblecourt 6; see Remarks
Description: Limestone, 14.5 x 15.5 cm. Inscribed on two sides; on obverse 1 line and on reverse 6 lines in black ink. Top obverse = left edge reverse. Damaged; broken off at left edge of obverse; end of line 1 on obverse missing; writing on reverse much effaced and ends of all six lines missing.
Classification: account : hire - payment
Keywords: donkey - mat - oil - payment - sandals - textile - woodwork
Provenance: Acquired by Chr. Desroches at Medamud and donated by her to the IFAO.
Publication: Grandet, Ostraca Deir el-Médinéh X, 94-95, 285-286 (photographs, facsimiles, transcriptions, description, transliteration, translation, commentary); Janssen, Donkeys at Deir el-Med , 52 (translation of obv. 1-2 and rev.; commentary); see Remarks
Dates mentioned: -
Dates attributed: Dyn. 20 (Grandet)
Contents: The hire of someone's she-ass for four months; specified on the reverse what was given by 1Ay to an anonymous woodcutter as payment.
Terminology: bAk.w n tAy=i aA.t m 4 Abd (obv. 1); rdy.t NN n NN r DbA (rev. ~1#-2)
Names/Titles: an. ( Sad-xt ; rev. 1); 1Ay (rev. 1)
Remarks: Numbers, Publication: the transcription in Černý Nb. 110.71 (as O. Desroches 6) is not noted by Grandet, op.cit.

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