O. Hermitage 02973 obverse
Other nos.: O. Leningrad 02973 obverse
Description: Limestone, 11 x 27 cm, two joining fragments. Inscribed on two sides in black ink, obverse 5 lines, reverse a drawing of a royal skirt. Complete, but beginning of line 3 effaced, ends of lines 4-5 effaced.
Classification: account - note : delivery
Keywords: paint - firewood - Dabw
Provenance: J. Černý's fragment purchased by J. Černý in Luxor from M. Mohasseb in 1930. Leningrad fragment bought by Turajev in Luxor in 1909; see Remarks.
Publication: Černý, Archiv Orientalni 3 (1931), 395-399, pl. III (photograph of obverse of the Leningrad fragment, facsimile of the fragment in Černý's possession, description, transcription, translation, commentary); Kitchen, Ramesside Inscriptions VI, 659-660 (transcription); Bogoslovsky, VDI 123 (1973), 88-93, fig. 4 (photograph of obverse of the Leningrad fragment, description, transcription, commentary); Wimmer, Hieratische Paläographie 1, 92-93 (description, transcription); Helck, Die datierten und datierbaren Ostraka , 506 (translation).
Dates mentioned: rnp.t-sp 14 III Ax.t sw 14-15 (obv. 1, 4)
Dates attributed: Dyn. 20, year 14 Ramesses IX (Bogoslovsky, Černý, Helck, Kitchen, Wimmer).
Contents: An account of a delivery of minerals, and a note of the seeking of some wood and charcoal.
Terminology: hrw n pn Ssp nA sty nA Dr.w a.wy pA sAw in NN (1-3)
Names/Titles: an. (pA idn.w 2; ~4#); an. (pA sAw ; 2); an. (pA sS ; 4); an. (nA sS-od.w ; ~5#); Imn-Htp (sS ; 2); 1r-ms (aA n is.t ; 2); 1r-Sri (sS ; 2); OAy-Dr.t (sAw ; 2-3)
Remarks: Provenance: Archiv Orientalni 3 (1931), 395-396.

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