O. IFAO 00187
Other nos.: -
Description: Limestone, 5 x 6.1 cms. Damaged. One side, with four lines in black ink.
Classification: oracle
Keywords: commissioning - grain rations - oracle - work
Provenance: Deir el-Medina, houses near votive chapels northeast of the village (according to Clere MSS); mark: E 1218 3.1.30
Publication: Černý, BIFAO 41 (1942), 20 no. 37 (description, transcription, translation and commentary), pl. III no. 37 (facsimile).
Dates mentioned: -
Dates attributed: -
Contents: Question as to whether for the commissioned work (sHn pA bAk.w ) the ration of the four oipe is fixed.
Terminology: pAy=i nb nfr (written pA nb nfr ; 1)
Names/Titles: an. ( pAy=i nb nfr ; deity; written pA nb nfr ; 1)
Remarks: -

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