O. IFAO 00288
Other nos.: -
Description: Limestone, 17.5 x 12.5 cm. Damaged. One side, with 6 lines (of which one in between lines 3 and 4) in black ink. Ends of lines 1 and 2, middle part of line in between lines 3 and 4, and most of lines 4 and 5 effaced.
Classification: note - protocol (?) : absence
Keywords: conflict - inactivity - passing (guard posts)
Provenance: Deir el-Medina; found 30.1.32 (30-01-1932) K It (Kom de deblais des fouilles italiennes - N.O. du village - a l'ouest de leurs fouilles, according to Clere MSS)
Publication: Unpublished; Černý Notebook 103.118 (description, transcription)
Dates mentioned: -
Dates attributed: End dyn. 19 (see Remarks)
Contents: Note or protocol about the accusation made by 1y-nfr concerning the passing of a guard post by someone and his (?) quarreling with the writer's father Nb-smn . The last three lines are unintelligible, except for the note about 2Am.y being absent.
Terminology: wsf (5)
Names/Titles: Nb-smn (it of writer; 3); Nx (?; 4); 1y-nfr (1); 2Am.y (~5#)
Remarks: Date attributed: on account of the names (Demaree). Content(s): for the expression Dd xnw m di aA , see Borghouts, in ZAS 106 (1979), 17-18 and n. 26.

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