O. IFAO 00325
Other nos.: -
Description: Limestone, 13 x 8 (?) cm. Two sides; obverse: remains of four lines in black ink; reverse: remains of two lines in black ink. Damaged; the right edges of obverse and reverse have broken off, causing loss of writing. Top obverse = top reverse (?).
Classification: account
Keywords: basketry - mat
Provenance: Deir el- Medina, found S 290 30.12.31 (30-12-1931); see Remarks
Publication: Unpublished; Černý Notebook 103.136 (description, transcription)
Dates mentioned: IV pr.t sw 30 (1)
Dates attributed: -
Contents: Account listing items of basketry and matting, with amounts.
Terminology: Incomplete: [...] m Abd Y sw Y rdi [...] (1)
Names/Titles: -
Remarks: Provenance: mark S 290 is not recorded for years 1931 and 1932 in Clere MSS., but one of the marks given for 1932 is K 290: 'Grand kom au pied de la falaise du nord, au nord du no. 290'.

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