O. Leiden F. 2000/1.2
Other nos.: -
Description: Limestone, 11.1 x 15.2 cms. Damaged. Two sides. On obverse, which is damaged on all sides, the remains of four columns of text, 9, 9, 8 and 4 lines respectively, in black ink; col. III separated from col. IV by a line in red ink. On reverse, damaged on all sides, traces of four lines. Top obverse = bottom reverse.
Classification: account - list : name
Keywords: -
Provenance: No indication
Publication: R.J. Demaree in Demaree-Egberts, Deir el-Medina in the Third Millennium AD , 79-87 and pls. VIII-XI (description, photographs, transcriptions, translations and commentary) ; Collier, Dating Late XIXth Dynasty Ostraca , 83-84, 160 (description, commentary)
Dates mentioned: -
Dates attributed: End dyn. 19 (Demaree) ; early-mid years Siptah (Collier)
Contents: On obverse in four columns a list of names of workmen, together with several names of female inhabitants. On reverse remains of four names.
Terminology: dmD (obv. IV 3)
Names/Titles: Ipwy (obv. I 3); Imn-m-In.t (?obv. II 1); Wn-nfr (obv. IV ~4#); BAk-Imn (f.; obv. IV 3); PA-Hr.y-pD.t (obv. II 7); PA-Sd (obv. IV 1); PtH-Sd (obv. II 6); MAHy (f.; obv. III 2); MxAy (f.; obv. III 4); Nb-nfr (obv. II 4); Nb-nfr sA WAD-ms (obv. III 5); Nfr-Htp (obv. IV 2); Nx (obv. I ~2#); Ra-mry (obv. II 8); 1nw.t-wDb.w (f.; obv. II 3); 1sy-sw-nb=f (obv. III 7); 4A-Imn (?obv. II 9); 4xm.t-nfr.t (f.; obv. II 2); 5ri.t-Ra (f.; obv. III 3); Ks (obv. III 6); 6A-an.t-ii.ti (f.; obv. III 3); 6A-wr.t-m-Hb (f.; obv. II 5; rev. ~x+2#); Incomplete [ ...]-Ip.t (obv. I 7); [ ...]-m-Ip.t (rev. x+4)
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