O. Louvre E 23554
Other nos.: O. Weill
Description: Dark red pottery (with yellowish slip; vase fragment), 16.4 x 14.6 cms. Almost complete. One side, with 5 lines and a drawing in black ink. Upper right corner broken off, causing loss of the beginning of line 1. Surface partly rubbed, beginning of line 2 and lower left corner of drawing effaced.
Classification: letter
Keywords: woodwork
Provenance: No indication; bought at Dra abou'l Nagga in 1911 and donated by Weill to the Louvre in 1950.
Publication: Weill, Receuil de Travaux 36 (1914), 89-90 and pl. V,2 (description, transcription and photograph); Andreu, L'Egypte Ancienne au Louvre , 154 fig. 71 (photograph, description, translation); Grandet, in Les Artistes de Pharaon , 75 no. 4 (photograph, description, translation, commentary, bibliography) ; Naissance de l'é criture . Cunéiformes et hiéroglyphes. Galeries nationales du Grand Palais 7 mai-9 ao 1982 , Paris , 1982, 283, no. 235 (description and photograph)
Dates mentioned: -
Dates attributed: Dyn. 19 (Letellier in Naissance de l'ecriture ) ; second half of reign Ramesses II (Grandet)
Contents: The anonymous writer of this communication orders Nxt-Imn to make four windows according to an accompanying sketch with measurements.
Terminology: di=i rx=k s.t (2); [...] NN ix ir=k (1)
Names/Titles: Nxt-Imn (1)
Remarks: -

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