O. Michaelides 004
Other nos.: O. Grdseloff 04
Description: Limestone, 11 x 7.5 cms. Damaged. Two sides. Obverse: remains of 8 lines in black ink. Reverse: remains of 8 lines in black ink. Top obverse = bottom reverse. All lines damaged at left side. Unknown number of lines missing at top and bottom.
Classification: account - protocol(?)
Keywords: house - storehouse - tomb (private) - woodwork
Provenance: no indication
Publication: Goedicke-Wente, Ostraka Michaelides , 18 (description); pl. LIII (facsimile, transcription)
Dates mentioned: -
Dates attributed: B eginning Dyn. 20 (Goedicke-Wente)
Contents: Court case about an inheritance(?).
Terminology: wHm [...] (rev. 6)
Names/Titles: an. (Pr-aA anx wDA snb ; king; rev. 6); Imn-m-Ip.t (obv. 3; rev. 7)
Remarks: -

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