O. Michaelides 092
Other nos.: O. Los Angeles County Museum of Art M 80.203.213
Description: Limestone, 14 x 9.5 cms. Damaged. One side with 9 lines in black ink. All lines are much rubbed off at the edges.
Classification: account
Keywords: tomb (royal)
Provenance: no indication
Publication: Goedicke-Wente, Ostraka Michaelides , 22 (description), pl. LXXXI (facsimile, transcription); see Remarks
Dates mentioned: -
Dates attributed: Dyn. 19 (Goedicke-Wente)
Contents: Record of the dimensions of several passages and rooms of a royal tomb, probably as part of a report on the progress of the work.
Terminology: m mi.t.t (7)
Names/Titles: -
Remarks: Publication: in line 2 the transcription of the signs after r-mH 2 should read Aw.t=f - its length; the transcriptions of certain elements in lines 4 and 6 are doubtful; in line 7 before mit.t read m . For this type of texts see also Demaree in Village Voices , 9-18.

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