O. Petrie [unnumbered]
Other nos.: - (see Remarks)
Description: Pottery sherd (with rim), dimensions unknown. Inscribed on one side, 4 lines in black ink. Damaged; ends of lines 1 and 3 lost; only traces of line 4.
Classification: account : delivery
Keywords: bread - temple
Provenance: Temple of Thutmose IV (south of Ramesseum), Petrie excavations.
Publication: W.M. Flinders Petrie, Six Temples at Thebes. 1896 , London 1897, 29 and 30, pl. XX, no. 6 (facsimile; translation by W. Spiegelberg)
Dates mentioned: III pr.t sw 13 (1); III pr.t sw 10 (3?)
Dates attributed: -
Contents: Account of quantities of bread delivered by two persons, mentioning gardeners and the temple of Thutmose III (see Remarks).
Terminology: m mn.t (2); m Dr.t NN (2); hrw n Sna (?) ... pA ao.w r nA n kAr.y.w (?) (1); Ssp m a=f m Abd Y sw Y (3)
Names/Titles: an. ( nA n kAr.y.w ; ~1#); PA-iiA (2?); Mn-xpr-Ra anx wDA snb (king; temple of; ~3#); 1y (2)
Remarks: Numbers : the ostracon is not among those in the Petrie Museum according to V. Raisman, in: Akten des vierten internationalen Ägyptologenkongresses III, 190. Contents: uncertain if related to Deir el-Medina.

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