O. Qurna 620/2
Other nos.: -
Description: Pottery, part of dish with red wash and rim, 9 x 13 cms. One side with five lines in black ink. Damaged at the bottom edge, causing loss of writing in line 5.
Classification: letter
Keywords: arrival - side (of gang) - wood - work
Provenance: Qurna; excavated 1983 immediately in front of the German House.
Publication: Burkard, GM 185 (2001), 10-14 and plate (photograph, transcription, transliteration, translation, commentary); for the electronic publication at Deir el Medine online, see Deir el Medine online (photograph, transcription, transliteration, translation, commentary)
Dates mentioned: -
Dates attributed: P resumably dyn. 20 (Burkard)
Contents: Letter about the receiving of woodwork done by the left side of the gang, the failure to deliver more wood. The addressee is requested to come over to see the result of the work and to bring more wood.
Terminology: -
Names/Titles: an. (pAy=k ir.y ; 1); an. (nAy=i ir.y.w ; 3) an. (nAy.w smHy ; 2)
Remarks: -

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