O. Qurna 630/5
Other nos.: -
Description: Yellowish brown pottery fargment of amphora (?), red on outside; 5.5 x 5 cms. One side with five lines in black ink. Damaged; the left and lower edges have broken away, causing loss of writing at the endings of lines 1-4. Only a few signs remain of the last line.
Classification: letter
Keywords: arrival (?) - sandals
Provenance: Qurna; excavated 1983 immediately in front of the German House.
Publication: For the electronic publication at Deir el Medine online, see Deir el Medine online (photograph, transcription, transliteration, translation, commentary)
Dates mentioned: -
Dates attributed: L ate dyn. 19 (?) (Burkard)
Contents: Letter about the manufacture of sandals?
Terminology: m anX wDA snb Hna Dd (2) Dd.n NN n NN (~1-2#)
Names/Titles: 1r-m-wiA (1); Incomplete: [...]-NHs.y ([1]-2; for PA-NHs.y ?)
Remarks: -

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