O. Qurna 633
Other nos.: O. Qurna reg. nr. i300 R.N.
Description: Pale limestone with brown stains, 10 x 18 cm. Inscribed on one side in black ink, 8 lines. Damaged: unknown number of lines lost at the top, the beginnings of lines 1-3 lost, middle of lines 1-2 lost, end of line 4 lost, slight damage in line 6.
Classification: letter
Keywords: gang - grain rations - village
Provenance: Site of Egyptian excavation at Qurna in 1983, in front of the German House, which is identical with Moller's excavation location H, of year 1913; see Remarks.
Publication: Burkard, GM 169 (1999) 5-15 (photograph, transcription, translation, and commentary); Burkard, Alma Mater Philippina , 11, 15 (photograph, transcription, commentary).
Dates mentioned: -
Dates attributed: Second half of dyn. 19 (Burkard)
Contents: A letter from an anonymous author (or authors) to anonymous recipients concerning the failure of deliveries of rations for the workmen, and the consequences of the situation. Mention is additionally made of the event of "the gods (of the workmen) giving birth".
Terminology: ptr di.w am=tn (8); [...] Dd (~1#; probably r Dd or Hna Dd ; see Remarks)
Names/Titles: an. (nAy=sn nTr.w ; deity ; 3); an. (nA n rmT ; 7); Nb-Imn (5)
Remarks: Provenance: Burkard, GM 169 (1999) 5; Burkard, in: Stationen , 434; Anthes, MDAIK 12 (1943) 5, fig. I. Terminology: restorations r Dd or Hna Dd suggested by Burkard, GM 169 (1999) 9.

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