O. Qurna 635/5
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Description: Reddish pottery fragment of a closed vessel, 4 x 2.5 cms. Two sides; obverse: three lines; reverse: one line. Black ink. Damaged on all sides. Top obverse = top reverse.
Classification: account (?) - list : name
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Provenance: Qurna; excavated 1983 immediately in front of the German House.
Publication: For the electronic publication at Deir el Medine online, see Deir el Medine online (photograph, transcription, transliteration, translation, commentary)
Dates mentioned: -
Dates attributed: D yn. 19 or dyn. 20 ( Burkard ); see Remarks
Contents: Obverse: remains of three personal names (?); reverse: heading of account?
Terminology: aHa (rev.)
Names/Titles: Pn-PA-xnty (obv. ~1# (?)); Ra-wbn (obv. ~2# (?)); 4bA (obv. 3 (?); or 2a-m-sbA.w (?)) ; see Remarks
Remarks: Record: there are two ostraca called O. Qurna 635/5. The other ostracon called 635/5 has the added nr. 2/82, which has now become the main designation for this ostracon. Date attributed/Names, Titles: if the readings of the names are correct, the ostracon may be connected with O. Cairo 25573, which is dated to dyn. 19 (DvH). Note, however, that the personal name 4bA or 2a-m-sbA is never seen with sbA written in full (Demaree).

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