O. Turin N. 57038
Other nos.: O. Turin suppl. 5665, O. Turin inv. no. 10324
Description: Limestone, 13 x 8 cms. Damaged. A piece has broken off the right upper side of the obverse; many lines on obverse, and in upper half of the reverse are effaced. Two sides: obverse: 11 lines; reverse: 8 lines. Black ink; see Remarks.
Classification: account - journal : delivery
Keywords: fish - side (of gang)
Provenance: Valley of Queens; excavations Schiaparelli 1903-1905.
Publication: Lopez, Ostraca ieratici 1, 29 (description), pl. 25-25a (facsimile, transcription); Kitchen, Ramesside Inscriptions V, 607 (transcription); Helck, Die datierten und datierbaren Ostraka , 250 (translation)
Dates mentioned: sw 17-21 (rev. 3-4); sw 25 (rev. 4); sw 27-30 (rev. 5-6); IV Ax.t sw 1-3 (rev. 6-7); sw 5-6 (rev. 7); sw 9-14 (rev. 7-8)
Dates attributed: Dyn. 20, Ramesses III ( Lopez, Kitchen ); year 23 Ramesses III (Helck)
Contents: Account of fish deliveries to left and right sides of the gang; see Remarks.
Terminology: ... im=f (obv. 6); wnmy (obv. 9); Hr wnmy (obv. 6, 9); Hr smHy (obv. 7) smHy (obv. 5); dmD (obv. 3, 8, rev. 1, 8) ; ditto (obv. ~11#)
Names/Titles: -
Remarks: Contents: acc. to Lopez the verso is a work journal, but this is not born out by the evidence. For the scribe, who wrote many ostraca now kept in the Turin Museum, see Donker van Heel, Haring, Writing in a Workmen's Village , 65-71.

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