O. Turin N. 57458
Other nos.: O. Turin inv. no. 13285, O. Turin suppl. 9754
Description: Grey pottery, with yellow protuberances on external face; 8.5 x 14 cms. Complete. Two sides; obverse: five lines; reverse: four lines. Black ink. Writing perpendicular to axis of vase. Top obverse = bottom reverse. Reverse palimpsest.
Classification: oath
Keywords: basketry - leather - oath - payment - punishment - term
Provenance: Deir el-Medina; excavations Schiaparelli 1909.
Publication: Allam, Hieratische Ostraka und Papyri , 252 no. 255 and pl. 72 (photograph, transcription, translation, commentary); Lopez, Ostraca ieratici 4, 11-12 (description), pl. 156-156a (facsimile, transcription)
Dates mentioned: -
Dates attributed: D yn. 19 or dyn. 20 (Lopez)
Contents: Two oaths by Imn-xa about the giving of certain items to Imn-m-In.t . He will receive 100 lashes if he does not fulfill his obligation; the consequence of his failure to meet his obligations is further indicated by the obscure gm nHm .
Terminology: wAH Imn wAH pA HoA anx wDA snb (obv. 1, rev. 2)); wHm Dd.n=f m bAH NN (rev. 1); Dd.t.n NN (obv. 1)
Names/Titles: an. (pA HoA anx wDA snb ; king; obv. 1, rev. 2); Imn (deity; obv. 1, rev. 2); Imn-m-In.t (obv. 3, rev. 4); Imn-xa (obv. 1); 1w.t-1r (f.; deity; rev. 3, in month name); 2a-m-Ip.t (AT.w ; rev. 1)
Remarks: -

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