O. Turin N. 57530
Other nos.: O. Turin inv. no. 27492, O. Turin provv. 1372
Description: Limestone, 12.5 x 10 cms. Damaged at the left edge. One side with three effaced lines in black ink, on smoothened writing surface.
Classification: note
Keywords: bread - feast
Provenance: No indication, but probably Deir el-Medina.
Publication: Lopez, Ostraca ieratici 4, 34 (description), pl. 172-172a (facsimile, transcription)
Dates mentioned: rnp.t-sp 8 II Ax.t sw [...] (~1#)
Dates attributed: D yn. 19 or dyn. 20 (Lopez)
Contents: Mention of bread in connection with a feast for the deity Imn-Htp .
Terminology: -
Names/Titles: Imn-Htp (deity; ~2#)
Remarks: -

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