O. Turin N. 57556
Other nos.: O. Turin inv. no. 27509, O. Turin provv. 1389
Description: Well baked red pottery vase fragment, with pink exterior. Damaged at right edge and broken into several pieces. Two sides; obverse: five lines; reverse: two lines. Black ink.
Classification: note : event
Keywords: inspection - Necropolis - punishment - river-bank - [ xtm ]
Provenance: Found by prof. Farina in Valley of Queens in February 1935 (acc. to note by Černý)
Publication: Lopez, Ostraca ieratici 4, 42 (description), pl. 179-179a (facsimile, transcription); Kitchen, Ramesside Inscriptions VII, 293 (transcription); McDowell, Village Life in Ancient Egypt , 193 no. 148A (translation); Helck, Die datierten und datierbaren Ostraka , 270 (translation in outline of content other source)
Dates mentioned: rnp.t-sp 25 I pr.t sw 25 (obv. 1, rev. 1, where it says sw 15 instead of sw 25)
Dates attributed: D yn. 19 or dyn. 20 (Lopez) ; year 25 Ramesses III (Kitchen, Helck)
Contents: On stated date Nxw-m-Mw.t son of 2nsw and As.t , the wife of Any-nxt , who had been imprisoned in the place of investigation are taken up (r Hr.y ). The reverse notes: 'taken to the river-bank'; see Remarks.
Terminology: hrw pn (obv. 2)
Names/Titles: Any-nxt (obv. 3); As.t (f.; obv. 3; Hm.t of Any-nxt ); Nxw-m-Mw.t sA 2nsw (obv. 2)
Remarks: Content(s): the interrogation of Nxw-m-Mw.t is also mentioned in O. Turin N. 57031.

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