O. UC 39665
Other nos.: O. Petrie 79
Description: Pottery sherd, yellow-red , 5.8 x 15.7 cm . Inscribed on two sides in black ink, obverse ( concave ) 3 lines, reverse ( convex ) only one line left. Damaged: end of line on reverse lost.
Classification: account : transfer
Keywords: bread - copper - term
Provenance: no indication
Publication: http://www.petrie.ucl.ac.uk (photograph of obverse, description); see Remarks
Dates mentioned: rnp.t-sp 10 n Wsr-mAa.t-Ra Mry-Imn anx wDA snb (obv. 3)
Dates attributed: Dyn. 20, year 1 0 Ramesses III or later
Contents: An account of daily provisions of bread during a period of 6 years to an unknown person.
Terminology: ir n (obv. 2); rdy.t n=f m ao.w m mn.t (obv. 1); rdy.t n=f m rnp.t-sp Y (obv. 3); m rnp.t-sp Y (obv. 2); dmD Hmt (rev. 1)
Names/Titles: Wsr-mAa.t-Ra Mry-Imn anx wDA snb ( king; obv. 3)
Remarks: Publication: facsimile, transcription and description in Cern Notebook 36.45; Cern Mss. 1.818 and 819.

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