O. Varille 25
Other nos.: -
Description: Limestone, 18 x 15 cm. Damaged. Two sides: on obverse 11 lines and on reverse 7 lines in black ink; lines 4-7 on reverse in a different, more cursive hand. Broken off at right edge, left edge and bottom; on obverse beginnings of lines 1-5 and 9 and ends of all lines missing, of line 11 only traces remain; on reverse beginnings of all lines and ends of lines 1-3 and 6-7 missing. Correction by the scribe in reverse line 3. Top obverse = top reverse.
Classification: account - deposition : division - transfer
Keywords: apportioning - copper - death - donkey - junior - metalwork - tools - work - grg-pr
Provenance: No indication
Publication: Unpublished; Černý Notebook 43.37 (description and transcription)
Dates mentioned: -
Dates attributed: Dyn. 19 (see Remarks)
Contents: On obverse and most probably the first three lines on reverse a dated protocol(?) about the division of various kinds of property. Mention is made of a grg-pr and the death of the father of the man who seems to be the author of this declaration. The last three lines on reverse may relate to a different affair: belongings of someone are given to(?) PA-nb .
Terminology: iw (rev. 6, 7); ir n (obv. 5, ~6#, 7, 9; rev. 6); m a bAk.w (obv. ~9#); m di=s (rev. 3); m di NN (?; rev. ~1#); nty m a NN (obv. 6, 8); hrw pn n pS (obv. ~1#); di.t rx=tw (obv. 8)
Names/Titles: an. (pAy=<i> it ; rev. 1); an. (Xrd.w ; rev. 3); PA-nb sA Nfr-sn.w.t (sn=f of ?; rev. 5); Nfr.w (f.; obv. 6); Nfr-Htp (rev. 4); Nfr-Htp (kAr.y ; rev. 4). Incomplete: [...] (anx [n niw.t] ; f.; obv. 4); Nfr- [...] (obv. 8); [...]- mh.y.t ; f.; obv. 4; for 1nw.t-mH.y.t ?); [...]- Ra (f.; obv. 6)
Remarks: Date attributed: on account of the personal names, the writing of the Seth-animal and the use of the S(n)a(ty) (Demaree).

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