O. Varille 36
Other nos.: -
Description: Limestone, 7.5 x 10 cm. Damaged. Two sides: on obverse remains of 6 lines and on reverse remains of 4 lines in black ink. Broken off at right edge of obverse; beginnings of all lines on obverse and ends of all lines on reverse missing. Writing on obverse is small; text on reverse is in a different hand. Top obverse = top reverse. See Remarks
Classification: journal - note : delivery - name
Keywords: copper
Provenance: No indication
Publication: Kitchen, Ramesside Inscriptions VII, 287 (transcription); Helck, Die datierten und datierbaren Ostraka , 237 (translation)
Dates mentioned: rnp.t-sp 18 I pr.t sw 21 (rev. ~1#; or sw 24); I pr.t sw [...] (obv. ~1#); I pr.t sw 20 (obv. 2); I pr.t sw 25 (obv. 4)
Dates attributed: Dyn. 20, year 18 Ramesses III (Kitchen, Helck)
Contents: On obverse a series of dates followed by names of workmen. On reverse a dated note about the receipt of some copper.
Terminology: hrw pn Ssp n (rev. 2)
Names/Titles: Imn-m-Ip.t (obv. 3); Imn-Htp (obv. ~2#); Brs (rev. 3); Pn-6A-wr.t (obv. 2); Nfr-Hr (obv. 4); 1y-nfr (obv. 1); 1r (obv. 1). Incomplete: Nfr -[...] (obv. ~4#; probably Nfr-Htp )
Remarks: Description: according to a note by Černý the texts are difficult to read and his transcriptions are incomplete.

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